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Puumanni log houses

Our products include high-quality log saunas, log cabins, log villas and log houses. We can give you our offer on the basis of your own sketches or plans and we also have a wide selection of ready-made models and floor plans available. The dimensions of the ready-made log house models can be altered as needed and the delivery contents can also be tailored to suit individual needs.

We offer reliable services and healthy and eco-friendly options for housing and living. We have been operating in the construction industry for over 50 years and we deliver our products all over the world. Puumanni's log house factory is situated in Paltamo, Northern Finland.

Log saunas

Our product selection contains log saunas in the 11–41 m2 size range. Our log saunas usually have a changing room. The larger log saunas can also have another separate room or rooms in addition to the changing room. Our log saunas also have a terrace.

Log sauna inside pictures

Log cabins and log villas

Our log cabins usually range between 29–125 m2 in size. The log cabin models are usually single-floor cabins but they can also have a loft or a second floor. The sauna can be built inside the log cabin or log villa or it can be situated in a separate building next to the log cabin or log villa.

Log cabin inside pictures

Log houses

We deliver log houses for year-round living. When planning the different spaces inside a log house, functionality is crucial. Our log house models are usually single-floor houses but they can also have a loft, second floor and cellar. Balconies and terraces also add more living space and comfort to your log house.

Log house indoor pictures

Structure choices/log choices

Finland has a long tradition of log construction and a log house is a healthy living choice. A log wall balances temperature fluctuations and stores and releases moisture into the air, which maintains a constantly high indoor air quality. The log structure is a durable and ecological construction choice and the carbon footprint of a log house is small throughout its lifecycle.

Our raw material comes from Northern Finland where the trees grow slowly. Thanks to the slow growth rate the lumber is thick-grained and extremely sturdy. Our selection contains massive-wood logs, glue laminated logs and round logs. We can also deliver CLT panels. Our log frames are made with joint sealants that are non-toxic and dust-free. The logs are delivered installation-ready and the all the parts of the log frame are also pre-installed to make the actual installation smooth and quick.


Hewn log

Matched hewn log, or massive-wood log, is made by hewing a single tree. The massive-wood log is the traditional log type. Dimensions:  45 x 145, 70 x 170, 95 x 170 and 120 x 170 mm (width x height).

Glue-laminated log

Matched glue-laminated log, or glulam log, is made of two or more pieces by gluing them together, after which the blank is hewn. This technique reduces the cracking and settling of the logs. Dimensions: 88 x 170, 115 x 170, 134 x 170, 180 x 220, 240 x 220 and 270 x 220 mm (width x height).

Square log rangeSquare log range

Round log

The round log is usually made by peeling a single tree. The round log is also available in glulam form. Dimensions: 170, 190, 230 and 300 mm (diameter).

Logwall structure with added insulation

When you add insulation to log or CLT walls, either on the outside or the inside, you get a very energy-efficient structure. Different surface materials can also affect the look of a log house and guide the interior decoration solutions. The insulated log wall can still look like a regular log wall if you choose to cover it with a log panel.

Thermal log

A thermal log wall has a thermally insulated timber frame structure as its load-bearing element. The surface is covered with a log panel and when the corners and terrace structures of the house are made of logs, the building looks just like a regular log house. This solution provides excellent thermal insulation.

CLT panel

The CLT in CLT panel stands for Cross-Laminated Timber and CLT panels consist of at least three cross-laminated sheets of wood. CLT panels can be used as load-bearing and stiffening structures in walls, floors and ceilings. CLT panels can be created with extreme precision down to the millimetre, which brings a lot of freedom to the design of the log house. The structure balances out moisture and temperature differences, which means it works just like a log wall would, but CLT panels are also less settling and carry the added benefit of increased tightness. Thicknesses: 60 – 300 mm. CLT panel max. size: 3.2 x 12 metres.


CLT PlateCLT Plate


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